MUBUGA COFFEE  employs 70 workers in coffee plantations for a period of 6 months a year. This is an opportunity open to these workers to earn income necessary for the satisfaction of the basic needs.

MUBUGA COFFEE employs 18 workers who are full-time employed in various levels of production in the washing station. This is a great contribution to the reduction of unemployment in Karongi District.

With its three coffee plantations MUBUGA COFFEE serves an model in maintaining coffee plantation for surrounding coffee growers.

MUBUGA COFFEE is striving to achieve the following objectives:

  • to produce an organic coffee with a high quality taste, which will attract consumers
  • to produce and market a high quality coffee thats is able to compete in the international coffee market
  • to produce a high quality coffee brand-named KARONGI COFFEE ready to be consumed locally
  • to extend gradually the capacity of MUBUGA COFFEE  from 300 tones to 500 tones of coffee processed and exported


MUBUGA COFFEE is cultivating the delicious Bourbon coffee.

Bourbon is a cultivar of Coffee arabica. It is one of the two main cultivars from which new cultivars are bred, the other being typica. 

Bourbon coffee plants produce 20-30% more coffee than Typica, but have a smaller harvest than less most coffee varietals.  Bourbon has less of a conical shape than Typica coffee plants, but has more secondary branches.  The angles between the secondary branches and the main stem are smaller, and the branch points on the main stem are closely spaced.  The leaves are broad and wavy on the edges.  The fruit is relatively small and dense.  The cherries mature quickly and are at a risk of falling off during high winds or rains.  The best results for Bourbon coffee are realized between 1000-2000 meter.  MUBUGA COFFEE is located at 1.788 meter. The quality is excellent!

A summary for you:
Country: Rwanda
Region: Western Province
District: Karongi
Sector: Mubuga
Washing Station: Mubuga
Altitude: 1,788 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing Method: Fully Washed
Average Temperature: 20°C
Rainfall: 1,218 mm/ year, the wettest month is April with 173mm
Soil: Sandy & stoney, water is sourced from an underground spring.
View: beautiful Lake Kivu
Taste: delicious!